Island of Paxos

The west coast of Paxos is rugged with high cliffs and caves and during the summer months local boats will take you on an unforgettable tour taking you into some of the caves. Sunsets here over Erimitis cliffs are truly spectacular and must be viewed at least once during your stay – a bottle of local wine in the evening always adds to the effect! The quaint little church of The Saints of the Apostles also commands a unique view of the cliffs.

The east coast has many small beaches and secluded coves where, even in the high season, it is still possible to find your own uninhabited little hideaway Mogonissi Bay to the south, has a fine sandy beach, spectacular scenery and a taverna serving food and drinks.

The tiny virtually uninhabited island of Anti Paxos lies just south of Mogonissi, here you will find beautiful pure white sandy beaches and translucent turquoise waters that are easily on a par with the Caribbean.

Antipaxos has tavernas (all closed in the evening) and are reached by frequent water taxi from Gaios or through our small boat hire service.

A visit here is a must and will please even the most discerning beach lover. This really will take you back in time and because of its solitude, we recommend it only to those who really want to ‘stop the world’ and check out for a while. It is ideal for honeymoon couples – should you wish, you need never meet anyone else! Boat hire is essential as you will need to make trips to and from Gaios.